You receive this error message on a Samsung point and shoot camera, like the Samsung PL20, ST96, WB100, etc.

The zoom did not operate normally insert the battery again and turn the camera on. If the camera does not operate normally do not put excessive pressure on it and contact the service center.

This is caused by an obstruction or interference with the zoom mechanism. If this is caused by sand or grit in the extendable lens, make sure your battery is fully charged and try to gently shake the camera with the lens pointing down as you re-insert the batter and power it on and off a few times. It may need to be serviced if sand or grit in the mechanism is the issue.

However, one overlooked cause is internal pressure from the battery and SD card interfering with the zoom mechanism. On smaller point and shoot cameras the zoom mechanism itself is smaller, and components are packed closely together.

When the lithium ion battery begins to go bad, which could be due to age alone if you haven’t used the camera in a while, it will begin to swell. The battery may be adjacent to the SD card. A slightly swollen battery may not be noticeable, but can exert enough pressure on the zoom mechanism through the SD card to cause this error.

The fix is to remove the SD card, pull and re-seat the batter, and power it back on. If the zoom mechanism was stuck in an extended position, gently tapping the camera body on your palm can allow it to retract once powered up.

A moderately or very swollen battery can do the same without the SD card being inserted. This can also interfere with the removal of the SD card or the battery itself. If the battery is quite swollen, remove the battery and replace it with a new one. Do not force the mechanism while waiting on a new battery, and be sure to properly dispose of the old battery.

By Atomosk

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